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Modern Ways to Decorate Your Home

In this pop culture era, it seems old-fashioned to settle for classic interior design and decoration for your home. Either it is Victorian style, all wood, or all-American, these styles have existed since our grandmothers were planning the decoration for their homes. To turn your home into a modern and fun place to live, the key is in the decoration. Here are some ways you can decorate your home.

father and baby sculpture gardenSignature Sculptures

In the past, huge sculptures or statues seemed too much of a luxury. Not many people have them because they take up space, and they’d rather spend the money for furniture. But there’s no uniqueness in that. Besides, how much furniture do you really need? Unless you plan on having more than four members in the house, too much furniture isn’t really necessary. To make your home more appealing, try to have one signature sculpture as the center of attention in your living room or your backyard. It could be a statue, a fountain, anything. This will make your home seem more sophisticated and artistic.

Surprising Doors

The modern era is all about the unexpected things, the surprises if you will. You can utilize the most random things like storage or as a door. One house in Bali uses specialty access doors masked as a fridge, so people wanting to go to the kitchen needs to ‘enter the fridge.’ It is a pleasant surprise, not to mention a fun photo spot. You can also use access doors for a built-in food storage compartment (in other words, a fridge the size of a room).

red pillows on white sofaShocking Colors

The most common thing that people like to do is stick to two to three colors that compliment each other for their home decoration. For example, the color of white with shades of wooden brown and cream, or the color of lilac with peach and deep butterscotch. They are nice, but they are also dull. Adding a pop of color here and there will make your interior decoration more appealing. It doesn’t have to be everywhere if you don’t want to, you can just have these colors on little pieces of your room such as your sofa pillows or your dining table cover.

Themed Rooms

Others will say this is immature, and we’ll say that this is exactly what pop culture is about. Themed rooms don’t have to be geeky and nerdy, and it can be anything you want! You can have a she-room, which is a room specified for the mother in the house to be alone and relax. It can be designed in the colors that she likes, with the things that she loves to do such as reading or yoga.…