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Questions about Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

Scooping and cleaning up the cat’s litter box is awful for some cat owners. The thought of using an automatic cat litter box is attractive mainly for men. These cat litter boxes are however more expensive than their manual litter box counterparts. Also, there is the maintenance cost for replacing trays. Besides they are not suitable for training your cat. The following are some of the questions frequently about the automatic cat litter box. You can click here for more info.

Can it Help if I have trained my Cat?

cat entering litterboxThese automatic boxes will scoop your cat’s poop into a different compartment and rake the remaining litter to help prevent the pee from puddling up. You will still need to remove the dirty litter every week and replace used litter. Cats are finicky creatures so there is a possibility you may need to go through the training process again if you change their litter box. Some of these litter boxes need specific types of litter to function, and some refuse these litter boxes.

Do they Scare Cats away due to Noise?

This depends on your cat. Some of the cats are fascinated with the automatic litter box and may never want to use the regular litter boxes again. Other take time to get used to these litter boxes and may require to go through some training before starting to use the self-cleaning boxes. There are incidences where long-haired cats get caught in the litter boxes, and they become scared permanently of utilizing these litter boxes.

How Long do they Last?

This depends on how lucky you are. No brand in the market is more reliable or less reliable than the others. Some people use their litter boxes for close to a decade whereas others throw them away in a few weeks. Rectangular-shaped automatic litter boxes have minor problems compared to the other boxes. Price also does not seem to have any relation to reliability.

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What Litter should I use with these Boxes?

It is usually advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on which litter to use. Most of these automatic litter boxes use either clumping or crystal cat litter. If the litter boxes do not work well with the litter recommended then you can try an experiment with various cat litter types.

Is the Maintenance Cost High?

Older models needed more power, but newer models are efficient, though you need to take note of any significant rise in the electric bill. The most significant cost is replacing the cat litter and tray. Most of these automatic cat litter boxes need you to purchase new trays with specific kitty litter brands. You can save cash by reusing the trays and making use of cheaper cat litter brands.

These are some of the questions that most first-time users ask about automatic cat litter boxes. These boxes are not for everyone, and if your cat is already trained then you can stick to that…