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Different Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting can be defined as a service that hosts a website. By hosting a website, it means that it becomes available to people who are interested in accessing the website. We have different types of web hosting services. Each type of web hosting is unique in its ways. It is important to know the different types of web hosting services so that you know which one suit you best.

Shared hosting

computer serverShared hosting refers to a hosting plan whereby a website is hosted on a server that serves other customers. It is the hosting company that usually has the role in monitoring and managing the server. By so doing, it offers and provides everything that relates to the hosting. You can visit here for the various options when it comes to web hosting.

Clients are typically required to sign up with the web host, once the sign-up; the hosting company handles the maintenance and customer support of the server. Shared hosting is pocket-friendly; however, you should exercise caution when selecting the ideal web hosting option. Make sure that it supports everything that you need.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is a little bit complicated when compared to shared hosting. When it comes to dedicated hosting, the users are allowed to rent the whole server and use it by themselves. The clients are also given access to the resources that they need thereby giving them the ability to host multiple websites.

The dedicated hosting gives customers control over their content, bearing in mind that they are the ones who control the various key resources. Dedicated hosting is, therefore, more reliable when it comes to the hosting.

Windows hosting

Windows hosting is another hosting that is offered by Microsoft. The Windows hosting is available to the systems that are compatible with this kind of server.

The Linux and Windows are the most common platforms. The Linux web hosting support the systems on the Linux platforms while the Windows web hosting support the features on the windows platform.

E-commerce hosting

switch E-commerce hosting is another popular type of web hosting. If you want to set a business website, then the e-commerce hosting could be the ideal option for you.

The e-commerce hosting is the ideal type of web hosting for businesses with an online platform. It comes with the relevant tools that will make clients to navigate through your website easily. The video below highlights the basics of web hosting.